Herbert Huizer

My passion for cycling starts more than 30 years ago. The man to man fights, the emotions on and off the bike, the stories written by the riders in awful weather and circumstances…….it took me and got me.
Herbert Huizer

Riding one of my bikes makes me dreamin, give a lot of inspiration and keep my brain and body healthy.

Therefore, cycling is my only subject to shoot with my camera’s. Telling the story of the riders and their bikes, captured in dreamin shots is my only goal. My work does not exicst of many pictures simlilar to eachother. No, im only satisfied when your eyes remain their focus on one of my pictures. A picture that could be hanging on your wall, bought because of the emotion within, the colours or just black and white.

I like to work on a steady base with my clients, reliable with a clear agreement. As an involved partner, creating valuable memories and applicable content for your organisation or company. So, i am an experienced cycling photographer, working on and off the motorbike who knows the world of cycling from inside.

If you’re interested and like to have an open minded conversation about a possible cooperation, then contact me without obligation. I’d love to be your storyteller!

info@herberthuizer.com   –   Kamer van Koophandel / Chamber of Commerce 85682926